Power to the movers

Imagine if pricing was easy. If you could immediately see your partners’ current rates. Where quality is rewarded and audits are unnecessary. We’re here to make that possible.

Data-Driven Decisions

Give your customers confidence.

  1. Remove the need for multiple surveys.
  2. Justify costs in a single-mover environment.
  3. Eliminate audits and simplify billing.

Insight Without Audit

Prove a quality move at a fair price, every time.

Simplify the invoicing process with a report on every move.

PricePoint validates the approved invoice amount.

Benchmark pricing against global market of over 700 movers.

Proven Performance

Prove Your Performance

Empower your direct relationships with data that demonstrates your worth.

Your clients are assured of fair pricing.

Data equips you to solve pricing challenges before they become problems.

Avoid RFPs and audits.

Want to dive deeper?

Discuse how and when the PricePoint Portal can work for you.

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