Pricing international moves sucks.

PricePoint was built to help you streamline your pricing process and win more business.

RFPs are easier. Partnerships are easier.Getting direct business is easier.

Managing billing even sucks less.

Price smarter. Get powered by PricePoint.

Manage Tariffs & Pricing

PricePoint isn’t like other tools. We’ve created a simple way to manage tariffs that delivers pricing integrity with the flexibility movers need.

PricePoint is free for you to share your rates with partners and for you to win business.


With all cost components at your fingertips, assemble DTD rates with ease.


Easily manage and securely share your pricing with partners.


Efficiently upload your rates via spreadsheet


PricePoint is a win-win solution for you and your clients.

Mover to Mover Premium

Access origin, freight, & destination rates from your partners instantaneously to build quotes in your preferred currency and format.

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RFP Automation

PricePoint not only saves your team time negotiating and managing pricing, it saves you time when responding to client RFPs. Generate thousands of door-to-door rates from your suppliers in a fraction of normal admin time!

PricePoint ServiceFreePremium
Share your rates and receive business from customers
Control the partners and clients that see your pricing
Adjust pricing easily with tariff management tools
Apply private discounts to preferred partners and clients
Benchmark pricing to market averages and minimums
Access origin, freight, & destination rates from your partners instantaneously
Retrieve quotes in your preferred currency and format
Save time and money with RFP pricing automation

Mover Advantages


Collect and solicit pricing instantaneously.


Move from “spreadsheet hell” to a simple tariff management interface.

Mover Friendly

Flexible to how you and your partners price.


Tools to help you manage your pricing strategically.


Share pricing only with approved partners and clients.

Customer Confidence

Connect to customers and ensure competitive pricing without a bid.

What Our Customers Say

Movers, RMCs and Corporate Clients all have great things to say about PricePoint.