Without changing your suppliers, we’ll deliver you:

10-15% in savings + Higher Performance

Ask us how you can be powered by PricePoint.

Using PricePoint is Easy.

Just enter the origin, destination, and the move allowance.
Your partners transparent pricing is provided instantaneously.

Reporting on Every Move

Every one of your moves is benchmarked with our marketplace of over 650 movers. PricePoint calculates the total approved invoice amount and ensures you are being charged fairly.

Dashboarding & Scorecards

Improve your supplier management with metrics benchmarking and performance insights.

PricePoint schreenshot - Application in action

The Benefits


Instantaneous access to your movers pricing.


A final price created and reviewed by PricePoint.


Market competitive pricing without the need for an audit or RFP.


Customizable reporting, benchmarking and dashboards.

Actualized Savings

Satisfying your procurement partners has never been easier.


We can have you powered by PricePoint in less than 30 days.

Great companies are using PricePoint today.